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When Is Hydrojetting Necessary?

When Is Hydrojetting Necessary?

When Is Hydrojetting Necessary?When you have sluggish, problematic sewer lines, it might mean you could use hydrojetting service at your Graham property. Rather than going the route of a messy, costly plumbing repair, the hydrojetting service performed by our professional technicians at Westview Plumbing could generate incredible results.

What Is Hydrojetting?

Sometimes called hydro-blasting or hydro-scrubbing, hydrojetting involves deep cleaning your sewer piping using high-pressure water streams. This high-powered water comes out of the hose at up to 3,500 psi, enough to safely and effectively blast out debris and sediment without damaging the pipe interior.

Hydrojetting service should never be confused with snaking. The hydrojetting process is unique as its the only process that can clean out the sewer line. A snake will puncture holes in the blockage or debris so you can get more flow. Rather than leaving some residue behind with traditional snaking, hydrojetting removes everything within the pipes.

When Should Hydrojetting Get Done?

Snaking and certain clog removal products might clear out a slow leak or stoppage. However, there are times when the issue is much deeper within your plumbing lines. You could have a build-up of grease, roots, dirt, and other debris leading to a major clog that only hydrojetting can address. This is the perfect time to call our plumbing team so we can properly inspect and assess the current situation within your pipes. We can take a close look using our sewer video inspection technology to locate the issue, then use our hydrojet equipment to blast it away.

If you are having issues with clogged pipes in your Graham home, hydrojetting might be the answer. Call Westview Plumbing at (206) 829-6360 for an appointment, and we can send out a technician as soon as possible.