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Water Softener System Installation

Dealing with hard water can wreak havoc on your home, clothes, body, and more. That’s why many homeowners go with water softener system installation services when they can. If you don’t have a softener or aren’t sure you need one, continue reading below and call Westview Plumbing. Our expertly trained techs are here to help you with all your plumbing needs.

When Is A Softener Necessary?

How do you know if a softener is needed? For starters, if your home has hard water, it’s a great asset to have. This could mean you see stains on showers, doors, or even dishes. You may notice that you have clothes not feeling quite as soft as they once did. Perhaps you’re dealing with super dry hair or skin. If you suspect you have hard water, it’s best to work with one of the talented plumbing pros.

What A Softener Does

This appliance helps to filter out minerals in the water that cause hard water. Water flows into the system, the minerals are removed, and softer water flows into the home.


If you need to have a unit installed, call out one of the technicians today. They will evaluate the home, discuss the goals you have, and go over several options available for your needs. You can trust that you’ll have a budget-friendly solution to your hard water issues in no time.

Our team is here to help provide you with many plumbing services, including our water softener system installation. Be sure to reach out to us today if you need assistance in any of your plumbing needs. Call us at (206) 829-6360 for more information.

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Very professional team. The site inspection and proposal was quick and easy. Excellent value. They do great work! I will recommend Westview to all my fellow landlords.

Dalton and Sunny were awesome! They came over same day to inspect a leak under our sink. We are new home owners and with a newborn and toddler at home not having a sink to properly use was stressful. It turns out there was a loose cap needing to be tightened so no complex work. We felt embarrassed, but they were so nice and didn't charge us. We are thankful for their support and kindness. This is the kind of business spirit we will keep on speed dial and recommend to our neighbors and friends. THANK YOUUUU!!!! You guys rock!

Westview plumbing is fantastic! They were able to help quickly and resolved the issue affordably.

Easy to schedule on short notice, very responsive over text, accommodated all my requests, on time and got the job done quickly. Not cheap but solved my drain problems efficiently.

They are my heroes! I had been without a toilet for almost three months because previous plumber was a fraud who installed it. Needed all the help I could get, and was really hoping not to have to break brand new tile. They were on it! Contacted manufacturer of the toilet in question to get new parts that were needed for correct install on my behalf, rescheduled/accommodated many times with ample communication if necessary, always informative and responsive. So extremely happy to have found someone willing to do the job (many had declined to accept). I highly recommend these guys if you have a job that is out of the ordinary, someone told you it couldn’t be done, or perhaps couldn’t be done without throwing away a lot of $. On all accounts, they delivered.

Evan Was very professional and completed a job that was not easy to get to . Had a great positive attitude the entire trip

We used this company for replacing an exterior hose bibb. Dart, the customer service rep was fantastic and very responsive. The work was carried out quickly and efficiently. Thanks for the service guys!

From the person who answers the phone to the Technician that did the work, they were professional, caring, on time and easy to work with.

Whirlpool tub repair

Very easy to book, arrived on time and got the work done the next day. They seemed very thorough and respectful and got the job done.