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Top Signs You Need Water Heater Services In Des Moines

Top Signs You Need Water Heater Services In Des Moines

Top Signs You Need Water Heater Services In Des Moines

The water heater is a vital part of your home’s daily processes. The water heater has a big job, from hot water for a shower to washing dishes or laundry. What do you do when you need repairs? Do you know when a new installation is necessary? You’re in the right place! Learning how to tell it is time for water heater services in Des Moines is a great way to prevent major breakdowns. Westview Plumbing is here to help you learn the four signs when you need a water heater.

Hot Water Fluctuations

When your water heater is going out, you will notice fluctuations in the temperature of the water. Sometimes, your hot water may be non-existent. Other times, the temperature may be way hotter than it should be. If you’re noticing large changes, it’s time to have a repair pro come out.


If you’ve started noticing noises when the system is running, that’s a problem. There shouldn’t be any noise when the water heater is running. Knocking noises or pops or cracks signal an issue.


Seeing water around the tank is also a sign of a problem. Leaks can indicate a need for replacement. Repairs may not fix the problem any longer.

Lots Of Repairs

While repair service is great for tanks that aren’t that old, the more frequently they occur, the more likely you need a new installation. The technician can evaluate your water heater and tell you the best action.

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