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SeaTac Residents Look To Us For Remodeling And Additions Plumbing

SeaTac Residents Look To Us For Remodeling And Additions Plumbing

SeaTac Residents Look To Us For Remodeling And Additions Plumbing

Are you planning a home remodel or creating an addition to your SeaTac home? If so, you want to consult with professionals should plumbing components be involved. Professional plumbing technicians from Westview Plumbing will help ensure you get the quality results you need. We will work with you on the design, handle the installation, and always have everything up to local code. You can count on us for the plumbing for your home addition or remodeling project!

The initial step for new construction plumbing is roughing in. This process involves detailed planning and requires expert installation of all plumbing lines that connect the construction to the rest of the supply and waste systems. Whether you are putting an addition on your home or building new, someone with training and expertise must do this crucial initial step.

About Rough-In

Plumbing rough-in involves the supply and waste lines getting put in. The rough-in occurs for homes with a slab foundation before contractors pour the slab.

Often, the waste lines get put in first because wastewater pipes will be larger than supply lines. Once the waste line gets installed, plumbers then put in the water supply piping.

The roughing-in process calls for careful planning of locations like the laundry room, kitchen, and all bathrooms. Plumbers must lay out the water supply lines in these areas and then cap off the ends.

Before the remainder of the construction, the system gets pressure tested to indicate leaks. Once tested, an inspector verifies the integrity of the rough-in plumbing so that the construction may move forward.

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