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Plumbing Repair And Upgrades To Boost Your Orting Home’s Value

Plumbing Repair And Upgrades To Boost Your Orting Home’s Value

Plumbing Repair And Upgrades To Boost Your Orting Home's Value

Home maintenance can be challenging, especially when you need to ensure your home value rises over time. If you are worried about home value because you may sell in the future, there are some upgrades you can consider. We are available at Westview Plumbing for all the plumbing repair work and upgrades your Orting property might need.

With all the experience our plumbing technicians have, there are several upgrades that we recommend for any homeowner looking to increase property value or overall enjoyment. These include:

Replacing The Water Heater

Should your plumbing system be older, a water heater replacement could be an excellent idea. While older water heaters may not lower home value, an inefficient or broken one will surely bring it down. We can go over your energy efficient options and green technology to provide a water heating system that will be beneficial while also attracting potential buyers should you plan to sell.

Adding A New Bathroom

A great way to upgrade your property and overall home value is by adding quality space. If you only have one bathroom in your home, house value could lower over time. Should you have the extra space, putting in a half-bath might be an excellent investment. In many situations, putting in just a half-bath will boost home value by roughly 10% with a full bath giving you an additional 20%.

Protecting Your Current Pipes

Insulating your pipes is a wise way to protect home value. Piping often runs in lower areas of the home or underground, meaning that they can get cold fast. When the pipes get too cold too quick, there is a risk of frozen pipes and zero hot water. You can avoid high utility bills and excess strain on your water heater by having our team help with piping sleeves and wraps to insulate.

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