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Plumbing & Plumber Service & Repair

When it comes to finding a trusted plumber you can count on, look no further than Westview Plumbing. The team here has multiple years of experience in providing expert plumbing & plumber service & repair in Burien for all your home needs. Each technician is highly trained, certified, and insured to provide you with excellent service at affordable rates.

We have a wide range of services to help you get just what you need no matter time of day or night. Our services include:

Drainage & Drain Cleaning Repair & Service

When you use your kitchen sinks and drains daily, the build-up can occur. This happens even if you’re cautious about what has been put down the drains. If you notice issues such as slow-moving drains or a clog, it’s time to have your kitchen drains serviced.

Emergency Plumbing

A clogged drain can sneak up on you when you least expect it. Don’t pour drain cleaner down the lines! This can cause more damage.

Gas Piping Installation Service

When you want to install gas lines, give us a call to have your evaluation consultation. This allows us to make sure there’s a gas supply nearby, what type of gas lines need to be installed, and to discuss your goals with you.

Hydrojetting & Declogging Sewer Pipe Lines

In simple terms, this is using a high-pressure water stream to break up the grease, tree roots, and sludge that may be in your sewer lines. It not only breaks it up but pushes it through the lines to clear out the area.

Leaky Pipe Repair Service

A variety of issues can cause leaking pipes. For starters, pipes can leak because of usage and wear and tear. Older pipes may have issues due to build-up or corrosion, causing a leak to start.

New Construction Plumbing & Re-Piping Service

Are you building a totally new home? Are you adding on to the current location and need a new plumbing system? No worries! We are here to help.

New Plumbing Fixture Installation

When the fixture is chosen, we get to work right away installing your new addition. There’s no job too big or small when it comes to updating your home.

Sewer Camera & Clogged Pipe Sewer Inspection and Repair

There are signs that you may start to notice that signal further inspection is warranted. For starters, your toilets or drains should not be gurgling when in use. If they do, there’s an issue down the line.

Sewer Line Installation, Service, Repair & Replacement

Sewer lines are a main part of your everyday life. It’s vital that they work properly at all times. Whether you need maintenance or installation, we can help!

Tankless-Endless Hot Water Heater Installation & Repair Service

This unit affixes firmly to a wall in the home, providing hot water at all times. It is a unit that uses less energy, doesn’t store huge amounts of water, and provides hot water on demand by heating it when it’s needed.

Toilet Installation & Repair Service

The tech will arrive at your home to discuss the goals you have, offer several options with full pricing, and you can choose what works best. Then we get to work installing the new toilet of your choice.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

This is the method of repairing sewer lines without digging up the yard or making trenches all over the area. It is a method of using technology to find the issue and repair it without causing havoc to your home.

Trenchless Water Main Line Repair

The benefits this type of repair offers are numerous. From being more cost-effective to protecting the yard you have, you’re going to appreciate this versus traditional means of repairs.

Water Heater Installation & Repair Service

We are here to evaluate the home, discuss your goals and concerns, and find you an affordable solution you can count on for the long haul.

Water Main Line Installation, Repair or Replacement Service

Sometimes an installation or replacement of the line is necessary. This means that you’ll have an in-depth solution to the problem at hand. This could be due to damage that can’t be repaired, wear and tear, or the materials used to lay the lines to start with.

Water Pressure Valve Installation or Replacement Service

This valve controls the amount of water pressure that comes into the home from your main water line. For example, some appliances have a certain amount of water pressure they can handle.

Water Softener System Installation

How do you know if a softener is needed? For starters, if your home has hard water, it’s a great asset to have. This could mean you’re seeing stains on showers, doors, or even dishes.

When it comes to repairs or services, make sure you trust the professionals. While some homeowners are quite handy, doing the repairs or installations on your own can cause more damage than you think. It actually can cost more as you have to have a pro come in after the fact. Trust in the expertise here to have all your plumbing service or repairs are taken care of on time and right the first time.

Need A Repair Or Service?

Our technician will arrive at your home in a timely manner to evaluate the situation. They will go over what you’re experiencing, your concerns, and provide an affordable solution to get your plumbing as it should be. Once they figure out the best course of action for your home, they will provide you with a cost estimate of the completed work. You can ask questions, voice concerns, and get a reliable solution in no time.

Be sure to reach out to the experts today by calling (206) 829-6360 for all of your plumbing & plumber service & repair in Burien. We look forward to helping you with all the plumbing needs you may have now and in the future.

We Love Our Customers!

Job done right, professional, very fair pricing. Honor Veterans with a discount. Friendly and responsive.

Thank you for the professional and high-quality service. shout to Dalton for the help with the outdoor kitchen!

Professional, fair pricing and made quick work of it.

Noah and Josh were very responsive. They took the time to make everything was done correctly, thus eliminating future visit. Westview plumbing will now be the plumbing company of choice.

I would highly recommend this business as they were excellent on the numerous plumbing leaks I had at my condo. I had leaks in my water heater, toilet tank, kitchen faucet and dishwasher. They provided prompt service, communicated very well and gave me options on their fixes. Fair price for excellent work and I'll use them again for other plumbing work.

Very professional team. The site inspection and proposal was quick and easy. Excellent value. They do great work! I will recommend Westview to all my fellow landlords.

Dalton and Sunny were awesome! They came over same day to inspect a leak under our sink. We are new home owners and with a newborn and toddler at home not having a sink to properly use was stressful. It turns out there was a loose cap needing to be tightened so no complex work. We felt embarrassed, but they were so nice and didn't charge us. We are thankful for their support and kindness. This is the kind of business spirit we will keep on speed dial and recommend to our neighbors and friends. THANK YOUUUU!!!! You guys rock!

Westview plumbing is fantastic! They were able to help quickly and resolved the issue affordably.

Easy to schedule on short notice, very responsive over text, accommodated all my requests, on time and got the job done quickly. Not cheap but solved my drain problems efficiently.

They are my heroes! I had been without a toilet for almost three months because previous plumber was a fraud who installed it. Needed all the help I could get, and was really hoping not to have to break brand new tile. They were on it! Contacted manufacturer of the toilet in question to get new parts that were needed for correct install on my behalf, rescheduled/accommodated many times with ample communication if necessary, always informative and responsive. So extremely happy to have found someone willing to do the job (many had declined to accept). I highly recommend these guys if you have a job that is out of the ordinary, someone told you it couldn’t be done, or perhaps couldn’t be done without throwing away a lot of $. On all accounts, they delivered.