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Our Sewer Camera Services Can Get To The Heart Of Your Enumclaw Clog

Our Sewer Camera Services Can Get To The Heart Of Your Enumclaw Clog

Our Sewer Camera Services Can Get To The Heart Of Your Enumclaw Clog

Having a problem with your sewer lines? You may be able to get a handle on the issue by taking a closer look, but how? Westview Plumbing offers innovative sewer camera inspection service in Enumclaw with the latest technology to help detect problems deep within your wastewater lines.

  • Do you have nasty gas odors coming into your drains?
  • Have you noticed that the water does not seem to be draining like it used to?

These can be issues pointing to a problem like a clog or a blockage within your lines that must be addressed as soon as possible. A camera inspection will help get down into the line and show real-time pictures of a clog, fracture, tree, or shrubbery roots infiltrating the pipes. All you have to do is call us at Westview Plumbing, and we can schedule technicians to take a look for you!

What Exactly is Sewer Camera Inspection?

Sewer lines are often situated under your home’s foundation or other features of your property’s landscape. Rather than dig holes and disrupt everything to get a look, we have camera technology attached to a flexible cable that we can snake through your piping. One of our technicians uses a monitor at the ground level to see exactly what is going on within the lines.

Note – What this Service Cannot Do

There are limitations to what sewer camera technology can see within the sewer lines – locate leaks. Remember that. The camera cannot determine or find a leak, but it will discover blockages or debris causing a clog. A camera is a secondary tool rather than a primary source to locate a leak. With our technology, we can:

  • Locate stoppage or drainage issues
  • Determine the type of piping material you have installed
  • Find all sewer system connections

Are you ready to pinpoint your drainage issues? call our Westview Plumbing team at (206) 829-6360 to schedule your sewer camera inspection service in Enumclaw.