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New Plumbing Fixture Installation

The plumbing fixtures in your home take a lot of daily use and abuse. From the sink in the kitchen to your toilet in the master bathroom, it’s important to know they work properly at all times. When you are considering new plumbing fixture installation services, you want to work with an expert team such as the one here at Westview plumbing. We offer expert installation, maintenance, repair, and more to help you have a home that runs smoothly at all times.

Your highly trained and certified plumbers will help with every step of the process. These steps include:

  • Picking Fixtures – There are many options out there to choose from in this day and age. For example, you can choose a no-touch, low-water faucet to help you conserve energy and make use easier. There are also low-water toilets that many homes enjoy when adding a new fixture.
  • Estimates and Concerns – You’ll receive a full estimate of the installation cost and fixture when you consult with one of the professionals here. We discuss your concerns and goals and help you find a fixture that fits your needs and your budget.
  • Installation – When the fixture is chosen, we get to work right away installing your new addition. There’s no job too big or small when it comes to updating your home.

The experts here at Westview Plumbing pride ourselves on offering experienced plumbers affordable rates, quality service, and communication you can count on. You’ll have your new fixtures installed in no time and be able to enjoy the update to the home.

Give us a call today at (206) 829-6360 to discuss your need for a new plumbing fixture installation. We look forward to working with you on all your installation, maintenance, and repairs in the future.

We Love Our Customers!

Great service and really went above and beyond to make our wishes become reality. Looking forward to working with Josh and his team again soon to finish our multi-tiered project

Westview provided a free quote and a lot of helpful advice. They took their time to answer all my questions and educate me on plumbing needs.

The team from Westview Plumbing was great. They arrived when they said, did work as agreed on and were able to make tweaks to the original plan as they went. We are doing a major remodel and they worked with us not having our sinks, tub, faucets or valves yet. We had a couple of estimates and theirs was much less than one....on par with another...we went with them because we liked the attitute and willingness to make it work. Glad we did! Highly recommend them if you are looking for any plumbing work. Also they were willing and able to start our job quickly.

I've used their service twice and they have always gone above and beyond to get the job done. No nonsense and professional.

Westview Plumbing went above and beyond for us in countless ways. We had major work done: our waste and water repiped, digging all the way to repipe to city supply. We also had a whole house filter installation, and new septic and water heater install. The difference for us after all of this work is night and day! Westview performed a miracle, completing this work at lightning speed, knowing we were having an upcoming wedding (at our home)--they worked late into the night several days in a row to get the bulk of the work completed and was truly mind blowing and magical. They had all troops on the ground, and it made such an incredible difference and impact for us. You’d be hard pressed to find with ANY company. Special shoutout to Josh, Dalton, Sunny, Heather, Markus, Noah and Mike. Dart and Wendy did scheduling and are always so easy to work with and so helpful. We look forward to our continuing relationship with Westview and consider them a tremendous asset in the continuing care for our home. Thank you Westview!

Great communication and professionalism.

FANTASTIC! Thank you for your service.

I have no problem with the work performed. They responded quickly and were able to do the repair same day. Their billing practices are deceptive and, in my opinion, unethical. Although, that's hardly uncommon these days.

Excellent and friendly customer service from the entire team. The technician assigned to us named Eddy was a superstar, providing honest and hard work. Definitely would hire him again for any of our family's future plumbing needs.

From the first phone call to the whole service, we received nothing but amazing service! As a childcare business, they took our call serious and got right to us! We got the pleasure of working with Noah and will be keeping them on call for any future needs! Thank you westview plumbing!