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Is It Time For A New Water Pressure Valve Regulator?

Is It Time For A New Water Pressure Valve Regulator?

Is It Time For A New Water Pressure Valve Regulator?

Water pressure – this is often a subject with a lot of questions that generate complex potential answers. The water pressure issues in your Mercer Island home could be due to a plumbing leak. However, there could also be an issue developing with your water pressure regulator valve.

Water Pressure Regulator Valves – What Are They?

The water pressure in your home is measured using PSI, which is pound-force per sq. inch. Most homes will have water pressure ranging from 45 to 80 PSI. Different locations will often have regulations on water pressure that keep it from going over a specific PSI.

Many newer homes will fall within the standards through a pressure-reduction valve, also known as a regulator valve. Just as the name suggests, this is a device that helps reduce or regulate your water pressure. If the valve is too tight or has to get replaced, it can cause your home to have low water pressure.

Is My Regulator Valve Failing?

Low water pressure can indicate that your valve is coming to the end of its lifespan, which leads it to stop working eventually. This issue calls for a replacement of the PRV rather than adjustment. One of our trained plumbers can take a look to inspect your PRV to determine if you require a replacement.

Such a service provides many benefits for your home. It can increase your water pressure but also help improve the performance of your faucets and showers. It may also help boost your appliance functionality. For example, when your washing machine, dishwasher, and other appliances are not cleaning as they should, a brand-new PRV could be a tremendous help.

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