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How To Tell When Your South Hill Water Main Line Needs Repair

How To Tell When Your South Hill Water Main Line Needs Repair

How To Tell When Your South Hill Water Main Line Needs RepairIt should be safe to say that no homeowner wants water lines to break or cause issues. It is best to call a professional plumber whether you are seeing signs of wear on your water line or other indicators of a problem. Westview Plumbing can inspect your South Hill water line and repair anything wrong before it worsens.

Some common causes for water line issues will be natural aging, corrosion as time passes, and roots from nearby trees or shrubs. Aside from the problems listed, there are other indicators you need to have your water line inspected, including:

Wet Spots Developing On Your Lawn

It is wise to call professionals if you see wet spots on your lawn. Even if you are unsure it is coming from your home, it is better to have someone take a look. Water could be due to a broken sprinkler line or a pipe leak, so it is best to handle it before it leads to foundation damage.

Noises Within Your Pipes

Natural aging can cause your piping to rust, which makes them noisy. Many people don’t realize this and only notice it once they have a water line repair and their pipes are no longer as loud as they were.

Lowered Water Pressure

There are many causes of low water pressure, including sediment in pipes or corrosion. There may also be issues with the valve controlling water flow to your home. Calling our Westview Plumbing technicians will help you pinpoint the cause and get the proper fix.

Water Discoloration

A top sign you need water line repair will be discolored water. You may see water with a brown or yellow tint or a light amount of sediment. These visual indicators and funny smells will tell you it is time to call professionals to address a water line problem.

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