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Does Your Pacific Home Need Water Pressure Regulator Valve Service?

Does Your Pacific Home Need Water Pressure Regulator Valve Service?

The water pressure regulator valve is there to help reduce water flow into your home to limit the strain put on your plumbing system. Too much water pressure can lead to various plumbing issues, so you should keep water pressure under control. Westview Plumbing is here to help with all your plumbing and water pressure needs.

While it might not be necessary for all plumbing installations, water pressure regulator valves are essential in systems where municipal water comes into the home at high pressure. You may also have issues where the water pressure can sometimes be irregular.

About Water Pressure Regulator Valves

The regulators are specialized valves that stabilize incoming water pressure for your home’s plumbing infrastructure. These valves are usually installed where main water lines connect to the house, just after your main shutoff valve

If the water pressure coming into your property is too high, it can cause damage to your faucets, piping, plumbing fittings, and appliances. Once you protect your system with a pressure regulator valve, there will be less stress on all outlets in your home. Less stress means fewer leaks, and all water pressure fluctuations get evened out.

What Water Pressure Level is Normal?

Many home plumbing fixtures work best with approximately 50psi, but it is not uncommon for city/town water supplies to send water into homes as high as 150-220psi. If pressure this high is present too often, it can strain joints, faucets, and fixtures and cause breakdown.

Note: Some dishwashers, washing machines, and other appliances have built-in regulators. However, a whole-home water pressure regulator value will provide peace of mind and added protection for all water-using appliances and fixtures within your home.

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