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Sump Pump Installation And Replacement Services In Seattle

Almost every home should have or would benefit from a sump pump. When you live in Seattle and notice issues with flooding, you may want to think about having a sump pump installed with Westview Plumbing. We are also here for your replacement needs should your sump pump break down or no longer keep up with your needs.

What Is A Sump Pump – And Do I Need It?

Many property owners know little about sump pumps and what they do—however, those who do understand how vital they are as a working component for their home.

Sump pumps are usually located in the lowest level of your home, such as the basement. It helps drain water from the area should it begin flooding. It is essential to consider size when looking for a sump pump. You do not need a sizable sump pump if you have a small basement. Opting for a larger model is best when you have a large basement.

Another thing to consider is the amount of water expected to drain using your sump pump. The power rating is also crucial, so go with a sump pump with enough power to drain water efficiently from a basement. Some flooding incidents could land with several feet of flooding, so you need the ability to handle that type of extraction.

Westview Plumbing Is Here to Help

We understand you may have questions regarding sump pumps and what will suit your needs best. Our skilled plumbing technicians can visit your home to determine if you need a replacement for your current pump. If you need your first sump pump, we will take measurements and choose the right size to ensure you have results when the next major rain event occurs.

Are you ready to discuss sump pump installation or replacement for your Seattle property? Call Westview Plumbing at (206) 829-6360 for an appointment.

Re-Piping For Your Burien Business

Re-Piping For Your Burien Business

Should your commercial property or Burien business require repiping services, look no further than our skilled technicians at Westview Plumbing. Our team has decades of combined experience and always strives to exceed customer expectations. Furthermore, we guarantee our work and always provide the best possible pricing.

When Is Repiping Necessary?

Maybe you are planning for the future or need to replace older, rusty pipes. Either way, repiping might be the best course of action. Our team includes experts in commercial repiping, often suggesting owners consider a switch to copper piping for their properties. Countless benefits come with copper pipes, including being a cost-efficient solution.

If your business is suffering from any of the following, your business could benefit from repiping services:

  • Loud rattling pipes when water is being used
  • Leaking pipes causing floor or water damage
  • Low water pressure
  • Rusty water
  • Foul odors coming from faucets
  • Lack of hot water or scalding water

When you want to begin enjoying fresh, clean water again in your place of business without loud, old pipes, having repiping performed is a worthwhile investment. Not only can this save you money in the long run, but you can also avoid potential shutdowns and constant repair calls.

Let Us Help You Choose Materials

Be sure to inquire about our repiping options, including copper materials or PEX. PEX is a type of versatile, durable, high-density plastic.

You Can Trust Our Team

From sewer line work to custom fittings and repiping, we have the services you need to ensure your area business has a fully functional plumbing network. Our technicians are knowledgeable and highly skilled, and they are extremely friendly and ready to explain each step of your repiping project.

Westview Plumbing is here for all your commercial plumbing needs in Burien—call (206) 829-6360 to schedule repiping services for your business.

Westview Plumbing Is Here For Eco-1 Pumps

Westview Plumbing Is Here For Eco-1 Pumps

Whole-house sewage pumps are often installed to help properties that require waste to be pushed from a lower-grade area. In many situations, a Seattle property may have a laundry room, kitchen, or bathroom that needs a bit of a boost to push the waste to street level. If you want an Eco-1 pump installation, Westview Plumbing is here for all your whole-house sewage pump needs in West Seattle.

How Sewage Pumps Work

Also referred to as ejector pumps, sewage pumps have a basin or tank that works to collect sewage from your home. Once the waste reaches a certain level, it kicks on the pump and pushes it upward into the main sewer line for your home. Gravity then takes over so that sewage can flow to the city line on a septic tank or street. Should the pump fail, a warning light will come on so that you discontinue using the impacted rooms until it gets fixed.

A residential sewage pump will usually have a one or two-tank design. If you have one with two tanks and one ends up failing, the other has the ability to kick on and keep the pump flowing. One-tank systems are generally suitable for single-family homes, while larger properties will have a two-tank setup.

Professional Installation is Best

Hiring professionals is the best way to ensure results when installing a sewage pump. Our team at Westview Plumbing has hands-on experience with various brands and understands what each property needs. We are happy to come to your home, assess your wastewater system, and determine which type of whole-house sewage pump will generate the best, most efficient results.

Are you looking to have an Eco-1 Pump installed? Westview Plumbing is here for whole-house sewage pumps in West Seattle. Call (206) 829-6360.

Schedule Your SeaTac Tankless Water Heater Installation

Once a tank-style water heater comes to the end of its lifespan, overall efficiency is often greatly diminished. Many homeowners will then wonder whether or not it is time to dive into the world of a tankless unit to enjoy some of the many benefits. If you are considering a tankless water heater installation in SeaTac, Westview Plumbing is here to help.

About Tankless Systems

A tankless water heater takes up much less space than your traditional tanked heaters, typically offering more efficiency. These systems also help by heating water on demand rather than having to maintain the heat level for the whole water tank. On-demand hot water happens by a cold water line flowing through the heating element. When the water is inside the heater, the element can heat the water rapidly. This heated water then flows through your open taps.

Many property owners love how tankless units work; they do not need to constantly be active. Additionally, there is never the need for limiting hot water. Users will not have to worry about the hot water starting to run out part-way through a shower or not having enough hot water to do the dishes.

Your Tankless System Installation

While there are some projects around the home where you can tackle it as a DIY, a tankless water heater is not usually the time. Professionals like our team at Westview Plumbing will help ensure everything is installed correctly and running smoothly so that you have just what you need. Our skilled plumbing technicians have hands-on experience with all the major brands and know exactly what needs to be done to ensure our clients have results.

Call (206) 829-6360 to speak with our Westview Plumbing team about installing a new tankless water heater for your SeaTac property.

Keep Your Seattle Sewer Main Clear At All Times

Keep Your Seattle Sewer Main Clear At All Times

As a property owner in Seattle, you already have a lot on your mind. There will be times when things like your sewer main might slip your mind as you go through the motions and checklists of daily life. However, keeping your sewer main clear is crucial as repairs can become costly. Westview Plumbing wants you to know that we have the maintenance and cleaning options to ensure your line is always in excellent condition.

Because sewer repairs can become such a pricey route to go down, there are several things that you can keep in mind to keep you from the hassle. To help avoid the need for sewer main clearing, be cautious about:

  • Putting food in drains: Although many kitchen drains have a garbage disposal, it does not mean putting copious amounts of leftover food down the drain. Some food waste is much heavier than other types of waste, so it will not flow throughout the sewer line as other things will.
  • Never flush non-waste items: Be cautious about what goes down bathroom drains and avoid flushing dental floss, wipes, sanitary napkins, and other non-waste items.
  • Maintain your roots: Some properties have trees or shrubs that grow close to the sewer lines. Roots can easily infiltrate minor fractures in the lines and cause blockages, sluggish wastewater removal, or a burst pipe.
  • FOG buildup: FOG stands for fats, oils, and grease, all of which can cause sewage overload. Putting these elements down your drains can make it easy for other waste and food items to stick to piping walls and harden within the sewer line.

Keeping your Seattle sewer main clear is a job for professionals. Call Westview Plumbing today at (206) 829-6360 for an appointment. We would be happy to come out and use a video camera inspection to assess the current situation within your sewer lines.

Let Go Of Your Des Moines Drain Clog And Blockage Worries

Let Go Of Your Des Moines Drain Clog And Blockage Worries

Clogged drains and blockages can be a significant nuisance, slowing down your daily activities, leaving behind nasty residues, and causing various problems in your Des Moines home. So, what can you do? Westview Plumbing wants you to know that we have skilled technicians, advanced technology, and proven methods to help you safely clear your drains so you can return your home’s functionality to normal.

Count On Westview Plumbing

You can always look to Westview Plumbing for fast response times, quality services, and effective results. We always back our workmanship so you have peace of mind once you contact us for your drain clogs and blockage needs. We are ready and able to accommodate your schedule. Additionally, our friendly technicians will explain the issue thoroughly and all of your options for a fix.

Unsure if a clog is your problem? These are some top signs to look for:

  • Water begins pooling around your shower drains
  • You start to notice water backing up out of your sink drains
  • Toilet water will bubble whenever you use the bathroom sink faucet(s)
  • Pools of water may form on your floor near your sink or bathtub
  • Sewage odors will come up from one or more of your drains
  • You notice gurgling sounds when running your dishwasher or washing machine
  • Drains run slowly after forming pools
  • You have rotting food smells that come from your kitchen sink drains

Pros vs. DIY

While it may seem natural to grab a plunger or an over-the-counter drain cleaning product, there are times when they do very little, or they can cause more harm than good. Many commercial cleaning products will contain harsh chemicals that cause piping corrosion, or you may throw off the balance within your septic tank.

Hiring professionals helps you to have insight as to the root cause of the piping problem, as Westview Plumbing uses sewer camera technology. This system allows us to gather an up-close look at the blockage keeping water and waste from flowing freely to formulate a repair plan.

Call Westview Plumbing at (206) 829-6360 if you require help with drain clog and blockage issues in your Des Moines property.

Call The Experts in Burien For Bathtub Installation & Replacement

Call The Experts in Burien For Bathtub Installation & Replacement

When it comes to elevating the beauty and functionality of your bathroom, choosing the right bathtub makes all the difference. In Burien, homeowners have long relied on Westview Plumbing for unparalleled expertise in bathtub installation and replacement. With an experienced team ready to transform your space, we pride ourselves on not just meeting, but exceeding, the expectations of our valued clients.

Westview Plumbing understands that a bathtub is more than just a utility in your bathroom. It’s a place of relaxation, comfort, and sometimes even luxury. This understanding drives us to ensure that our installations and replacements are seamless, ensuring you have a sanctuary to retreat to after a long day.

Choosing the right bathtub goes beyond just picking a design. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Size and Layout: Always consider the size and layout of your bathroom before picking a bathtub. It’s essential to ensure that the tub fits comfortably without overwhelming the space.
  2. Material: Bathtubs come in various materials ranging from acrylic and fiberglass to cast iron and cultured marble. Each has its own set of advantages and aesthetics to match your decor.
  3. Functionality: Do you want a simple soaking tub, or are you looking for something with jets for a spa-like experience? Your bathtub’s functionality is paramount.
  4. Budget: While we all dream of luxurious bathtubs, it’s essential to find a balance between desire and budget. Westview Plumbing offers a variety of options to fit all budgets without compromising on quality.
  5. Longevity: Opt for a bathtub that is durable and will stand the test of time. This ensures that your investment brings value to your home for years to come.

Why Choose Westview Plumbing?

  • Experience: With years in the business, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every project, ensuring that your bathroom is not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional.
  • Quality Workmanship: Our team of professionals is trained to deliver precision in every job. We ensure that every installation and replacement is executed flawlessly.
  • Affordable Solutions: We understand that every homeowner has different financial constraints. That’s why we offer solutions that cater to varied budgets.
  • Unmatched Customer Service: Our dedication to our clients goes beyond the job. We strive to provide exceptional post-installation support, ensuring that any concerns are addressed promptly.

If you’re considering giving your bathroom a makeover, or if your existing bathtub is showing signs of wear and tear, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts. For the finest in Burien bathtub installation and replacement, Westview Plumbing is the name to trust.

Contact Us Today!

Transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation and luxury with the best in the business. Reach out to us at Westview Plumbing for all your Burien Bathtub Installation & Replacement needs. Call us at (206) 829-6360 and Let’s make your bathroom dreams come true!

Let Us Handle Your New West Seattle Fixture Installation

Let Us Handle Your New West Seattle Fixture Installation

When it comes to your plumbing fixtures in the home, you need to replace them from time to time. It could be due to age and wear and tear. Sometimes you may want to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Whatever the case, our experts at Westview Plumbing are here to provide professional plumbing fixture installation in West Seattle.


Choosing your new kitchen faucet or disposal can be challenging. You may know what you want, but there are still so many options. That’s where working with a pro can help you weed out the many choices. We’ll discuss what you want from your new plumbing installation and what look you want – giving you the best options to fit all those parameters. All of this is done while sticking within your preferred budget as well.


You may feel overwhelmed when it comes to updating your current bathroom, shower, or sink. From toilets to rainfall showerheads, there are so many choices out there. When installing the fixtures, you want to know they will work as they should. Our technicians can help you choose the new fixtures, install them properly, and help you get back to normal usage in no time.

Whether you need a new sink faucet in the laundry room or a new toilet in the master bathroom, we’ve got you covered for all your installation and plumbing needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact Westview Plumbing for your fixture installation in West Seattle. Call us today at (206) 829-6360 to set up your consultation for service.

Plumbing Repiping Could Be Exactly What Your Edgewood Home Needs

Plumbing Repiping Could Be Exactly What Your Edgewood Home Needs

When you have numerous repeat issues with your plumbing, you may need to look at ways to remedy the problem. For some homeowners, this may mean a plumbing re-piping service in Edgewood.

What Does Re-Piping Mean?

Re-piping, often called a replumb project, is when all existing plumbing gets removed, and new plumbing materials are installed. The undertaking for a whole-home re-pipe is never something to attempt as a DIY as it requires highly-skilled plumbers with the manpower and experience to get everything done right the first time. This is where we are ready to help at Westview Plumbing!

How It Works

With a re-pipe project, our technicians come into your home and understand the layout of your plumbing. Holes then get cut into the walls so we can gain access to the piping. Once the old materials are removed, and new pipes are put in, everything is patched up to make it look like nothing happened.

Do I Need Re-Piping?

This is a common question homeowners ask when presented with repeat plumbing leaks. If the issues seem to be localized in one zone of the home, we may be able to come in and replace just a single joint-segment or a pipe that is the culprit. However, a re-pipe is usually the best remedy if there is leaking in several areas due to corrosion and age.

Did you know? A re-pipe could bring up the value of your home. Replacing problematic piping will also mitigate the chance of a significant plumbing disaster, notably decreasing home value. Older pipes can form slow leaks or bursts, causing immense water damage that becomes costly.

Westview Plumbing is happy to review all involved with our plumbing re-piping service in Edgewood. Call (206) 829-6360 for details!

Sewer Line Services Newcastle Property Owners Can Trust

Sewer Line Services Newcastle Property Owners Can Trust

You always want to know that all systems for your Newcastle home are running as efficiently as possible. The piping runs under your home and the ground for the sewer system, so you may not think about any of it until something goes wrong. Westview Plumbing wants you to know that our team is available for all your sewer line service needs in Newcastle should something go awry and you require professional intervention.

The Westview Plumbing Difference

Here at Westview Plumbing, we are bonded, licensed, and insured technicians able to handle all your sewer line needs. This means services such as:

  • Sewer camera inspections
  • Sewer line installations
  • Sewer line repair work
  • Sewer line repiping and replacements
  • Trenchless sewer line repair or replacement
  • Sewer line maintenance and more

Our technicians use all the latest technology and techniques to ensure we get you the results you need and that your project is handled correctly the first time. We always aim to keep everything running as if it were brand new. Westview Plumbing has been a trusted name in the area for many years, and we look forward to adding you to our long list of happy customers.

What are the Common Causes of Sewer Issues?

A few things that come with experience include knowing what to look for in various situations and also knowing how to handle them. Our Westview Plumbing team has been through different sewer-related scenarios and encountered sewer damage such as:

  • Tree root infiltration
  • Metal corrosion and rust
  • Ground shifting and movement
  • Heavy water pressure
  • Mineral or sediment build-up
  • Items getting lodged in the lines

We arrive on time and ready to work, armed with all the best tools to do the job. We also have sewer camera video inspection equipment to get a closer look at the exact issue within the piping.

Call Westview Plumbing at (206) 829-6360 to schedule your Newcastle sewer line services with our trusted team.